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18 Wheeler Accidents

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Asserting Your Rights After An 18 Wheeler Accident

18 wheeler accidents are different from usual car accidents in various ways. There are rules and regulations pertaining to the 18 wheeler itself, time on the road, weight load, log books, truck maintenance, drivers, etc. In addition, 18 wheeler drivers should have special training. We have experience in 18 wheeler and other commercial type vehicles. 

Holding Companies Responsible For The Harm You Suffered

Because 18 wheeler accidents often involve commercial vehicles, determining who is responsible for your injuries is of utmost importance. Perhaps the driver was so tired that he or she should not have been driving too many hours at the time of the accident. Perhaps the trucking company failed to perform maintenance on its trucks to keep them in a safe condition. The company may not have followed proper procedures when hiring the driver. Call us NOW!

Get The Legal Help You Need

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