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Family legal issues can affect your rights, your relationships, and your financial security. Whether facing divorce or another family dispute, it is crucial that you have sound counsel and experienced advocacy to protect your interests. At the Law Office of Craig P. Hart, we are dedicated to helping our clients establish their rights and move forward. Each divorce and family law case we handle becomes a part of our lives as we get to know our clients and what matters most to their families. Having families of our own, we can understand how severe these cases can be and strive to make the process as pain-free as possible.

Divorce - We understand that the decision to file for divorce is a difficult one. That is why we strive to make the process as painless as possible. We will work with you to establish what is most important to you and try to develop long-term solutions for your family.

Child custody - The term "custody" can refer to "legal custody," "physical custody" or both. Legal custody generally refers to a parent's ability to remain involved in a child's life, have access to pertinent records and participate in life decisions. Physical custody refers typically to where the child will live. We help clients resolve custody issues and handle disputes arising out of a divorce or other problems.

Child support - Louisiana has adopted specific child support guidelines based on the gross income of the noncustodial parent. Our firm can help you collect the support you need as well as defend you against unmanageable child support obligations.

Domestic violence and abuse - As an attorney experienced in both civil and criminal law, our firm is prepared to help both victims of domestic violence and those who have been accused of abuse. We will aggressively defend your rights to preserve your rights, safety and the best interests of your family.

Unmarried parents and custody - Custody is a complex area of law and often involves third parties, grandparents and unmarried parents. We can assist in paternity, placement, visitation and other issues affecting children.

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