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Family Law

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Family Law Attorney

Helping You And Your Family Navigate Change

Family law issues will affect you emotionally, physically, and financially. Whether facing divorce or another family dispute, it is crucial that you have sound counsel and experienced advocacy to protect your interests. At the Law Office of Craig P. Hart, we are experienced in: 1) Listening to you; 2) Being understanding to your needs; and 3) Fighting for you. Having families of our own, we understand the urgency and significance of your family law matter.

Divorce – Divorce is painful regardless of which party wants it. Nonetheless, if the divorce is going to happen, there are certain legal matters that must be addressed; such as: child custody, child support, spousal support, community property, protective orders, restraining orders, adoptions, exclusive use of the former family home, exclusive use of your vehicle, etc. Let’s work together to establish your short-term and long-term goals.

Child custody – There is nothing more important than having custody of your children. Let’s get a custody judgment in place that defines specific custody times for each parent. This custody judgment will help your children to be as comfortable as possible, under the circumstances. 

Child support – Whether you are paying or receiving child support, it can be difficult to establish at times.  Salaries, bonuses, company paid expenses, healthcare costs for the child, tuition, and self employment are all very important items to be studied and calculated to establish child support. The amount of child support you are paying or receiving can have a serious effect on your lifestyle.  

Community Property – When establishing community property, we must take into consideration property owned by each of the parties prior to the marriage, separate funds of a party used to enhance the value of a community property, reimbursement claims, use of and/or management of both movables and/or immovables, temporary restraining orders, etc.  Let us help you to ensure you get your fair share of your community property. 

Protective Orders – Unfortunately, divorce can often include allegations of domestic violence and abuse. As an attorney experienced in both civil and criminal law, our firm is prepared to help both victims of domestic violence and abuse and/or those who have been accused. 

Unmarried parents and custody – Custody is a complex area of law and often involves third parties, grandparents and unmarried parents. We can assist in paternity, placement, visitation and other issues affecting children.

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