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Criminal Defense

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Craig P. Hart has experience as an Assistant District Attorney in St. Tammany Parish. As the saying goes, the District Attorney’s office walks with a big stick. Therefore, knowing what to ask for, what not to ask for, when to ask for it, and the like, can be extremely vital to the outcome of your criminal case. 

At the Law Office of Craig P. Hart we provide aggressive, strategic legal representation focused on defeating criminal charges and minimizing penalties for defendants.

Our firm will make a point to begin collecting relevant evidence for your defense immediately. We will work with experts when necessary. We have experience that may help you obtain a dismissal of your charges and/or plea to a lesser charge. Please understand any statements given to law enforcement, fire department, District Attorney’s office, and/or a conversation in general can and most often will be used against you. There is no harm in talking to us first before talking to anyone else. Call us NOW!

What Type of Charges Are You Facing?

The Law Office of Craig P. Hart is experienced in cases including but not limited to:

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