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Covington, LA DWI Attorney

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Pushing Back Against DWI Charges

If you have been charged with DWI, time is of the essence. Contacting a defense lawyer right away is critical if you want to maximize your chances of keeping your driver’s license. Further, you need to appreciate the grave nature of these charges.

A DWI charge is a serious criminal matter. If convicted, you face employment problems for the rest of your life as well as the social stigma that comes with such a criminal conviction. You need advice from a firm that has experience with these kinds of legal issues.

With more than 25 years of legal experience. As well as serving as a former Assistant District Attorney, the Law Office of Craig P. Hart can provide you with the legal counsel you need. Mr. Hart has a unique perspective on how prosecutors will prepare the case against you, and he understands how to defend that case proactively.

How We Protect Your Rights

When our firm takes on a DWI case, we look to challenge the evidence the state has against you. Our goal is to challenge this evidence to weaken the prosecutors’ case. We scrutinize every detail. In doing so, we work to ensure that you are treated fairly and also to protect your rights.

For instance, we investigate the facts to gather information regarding any Breathalyzer test taken, any blood test given and any actions taken by the police. We examine to ensure the tests were correctly administered. We also check to see that any equipment used was maintained in correct working order. Also, our firm will examine the legality of any police actions.

Our ultimate goal is to get your charges dismissed. When that is not possible, we work with you to get your charges reduced or even have community service substituted for jail time. In the process, we can also help you get your license back.

Get An Experienced Defense Attorney On Your Side

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