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For over twenty five years, the Law Office of Craig P. Hart has practiced law in St. Tammany Parish. During that time, he and his staff have had the pleasure of representing thousands of clients throughout St. Tammany Parish and the surrounding areas, including Mandeville, Covington & Madisonville, in cases involving personal injury, family law and criminal defense.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the courts and the law enables us to represent our clients with effectiveness, efficiency, and competence.

Aside from litigating our clients’ cases in court, we also strive to provide our clients with an accurate understanding of the legal process, a mental comfort of knowing that together, we can deem the best possible outcome for your case. We know that any legal matter can produce a tremendous amount of stress causing you turmoil over even the small daily decisions. It is vital to us that our clients understand what is happening during all stages of their cases. We do our best to keep our clients informed and prepare them every step of the way until the matter is resolved. You can expect a step above the rest. You are more than just a client to us. We are here for you.

Moving Your Case Forward With Results-Driven Advocacy

Our firm is dedicated to providing the kind of individualized service that clients expect from an attorney. You can be sure that each task we perform is designed to move your case forward meaningfully. Being a former St. Tammany Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Hart has worked on both sides of the aisle in the courtroom and has a unique perspective that only someone with that level of experience can have. In combination with decades of experience, we guarantee that we will give a level of service that exceeds your expectations.

Consider Our Record of Results

Our firm has a proven track record of results as shown by testimonials from many satisfied clients. In the world of law, there is no substitute for experience. Mr. Hart has over twenty-five years of experience. His expertise further enhances his skills as a former assistant prosecutor. In personal injury cases, he uses his strong litigation skills to help clients pursue full and fair compensation. He holds a unique knowledge and expertise which assists him tremendously in understanding cases and facilitating the best defense strategy in criminal cases. His compassionate heart, kind nature, and strong family background prove to be a winning factor with his family law cases.

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