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Asserting Your Rights After A Truck Accident

A truck accident can be a very different legal scenario from a car accident. The scope of the destruction alone often distinguishes a truck accident from a car accident. Commercial vehicle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and even death. Attorney Craig P. Hart has represented a multitude of cases involving truck accidents. He understands the complicated legal issues found in truck accident cases, ranging from 18-wheeler cases to commercial van cases.

Holding Companies Responsible For The Harm You Suffered

Because truck accidents often involve commercial vehicles, determining who is responsible for your injuries is of utmost importance. Perhaps the driver was so tired that he or she should not have been driving. Perhaps the trucking company failed to perform maintenance on its trucks to keep them in a safe condition. The company may not have followed proper procedures when hiring the driver. Besides examining the facts concerning the private company, our firm will also investigate whether your injuries may have been caused by a city or state not correctly keeping its roads in a safe condition.

The Law Office of Craig P. Hart works with you to ensure that you receive the financial help you need to meet your medical expenses, both past, and future. Our staff works with you to build the necessary paperwork and documentation to establish your injuries and their impact on your life. We will help you prepare a case that you can confidently present to a judge and jury to explain what happened to you, what is still happening to you and what you expect to happen to you in the future. Our goal is to get your needs met and to hold responsible those people who have caused your injury.

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