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Strong Legal Help After A Rear-End Collision

Rear end collisions often result in significant injuries, such as "whiplash", soft-tissue damage, and bulging/herniated discs, which can almost immediately create terrible pain in your neck, back, arms, and legs, and cause headaches, numbness in hands, and other severe damage. In some cases, the individual additionally can suffer severe spinal damage that can have effects that continue for years or even for the rest of their lives. Head injuries are also widespread in these deadly accidents, which can make the recovery process lengthy, or even in some cases the client is not able to ever fully recover. It is critical that you get proper medical treatment promptly.

How We Will Build Your Case

The Law Office of Craig P. Hart will investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident to determine who caused it and from whom you may recover benefits and proceeds to which you are entitled as a result of the accident. Our team will also involve experts to explain the extent and cost of your injuries to the judge and jury. We will fight to get you what you deserve!

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