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Distracted driving has been the subject of many new laws in the past few years, especially where cellphone use while driving is concerned. But despite the very well-known risks of driving while on a cellphone, people continue to do it. People continue to text while driving. Cellphone use and texting while driving can often result in rear-end collisions.

While cellphone use and texting are the most talked about examples of distracted driving, other kinds of distractions also occur - people drive while eating, while changing the DVD in the children's car television or while scanning through radio stations. The list goes on.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

If a distracted driver has injured you, you can hold that driver responsible for his or her carelessness. Contact attorney Craig P. Hart to discuss your accident. Attorney Hart's office has more than 20 years of combined legal experience.

Based in Covington, the Law Office of Craig P. Hart makes distracted driving cases one of its focused practice areas. Craig P. Hart handles distracted driver accidents in St. Tammany Parish and throughout the area served by Interstate 10, I-12 and Highway 190.

Gathering The Evidence To Make Your Case

A lawyer from the firm will meet with you to discuss the facts and circumstances of your case. You and the firm will work together to investigate the causes of your injury and to look for evidence of texting, eating or some other form of distractions. If a cellphone may have been involved in causing the accident, our firm can have the court order the defense to give you copies of cellphone records. These records could indicate if the cellphone was in use at the time of the accident.

Our firm can represent your interests. The insurance company lawyers are there to represent and protect the insurance company, not you. Before you make any decisions concerning your case, be sure to speak with your own attorney. Your attorney will be interested in protecting your rights, not the rights of the insurance company.

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If you or a loved one has been injured by a distracted driver in a car accident, call an experienced Louisiana attorney at 985-635-4177 or at toll free 800-210-8574. You can also contact the firm online.

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