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Personal Injury Attorney in Mandeville

The vibrant community of Mandeville is the oldest inhabited locality of the St. Tammany Parish. While the beautiful community is a happy home for many, unfortunate situations can lead to undesirable circumstances. This often leads to a need for an experienced attorney to assist with personal injury, family law, or criminal defense.

The associates at the law office of Craig P. Hart are connected to the community and able to assist in these trying circumstances. Send us a quick message to see how we can help you.

Personalized Personal Injury Approach

When it comes to a Mandeville personal injury attorney, we have the best. Personal injury cases are never easy for the victim. You should be focusing on recovery not preparing your litigation and case. This is where our team can help.

We handle the legal side – from gathering evidence to negotiations or trial, we have it covered. Our goal is to keep you updated but focused on your health. Our personal injury experience is vast. We can handle a vast array of accident types, including:

If you are the victim of an accident or negligence, you deserve compensation. You need a Mandeville personal injury attorney, and we have the best team to assist you.

Fundamental Family Law

As a tight community, family law cases can be stressful in Mandeville. Family law can play into relationships, rights, and finances. Whether it is a divorce, custody arrangements, or cases of domestic abuse, our Mandeville family law team can help.

Sound counsel is essential in these trying endeavors. You need to know you have an experienced advocate to protect you and your interests. We can help you establish your rights and seek appropriate solutions.

We are dedicated to achieving what is right for your family. We understand the severity and emotional process behind these proceedings and seek to make the process as pain-free as possible.

Confidence in Criminal Defense

If you are facing the repercussions of a criminal offense, you might be facing jail time, fines, and a criminal record. If you were recently arrested, have pending charges, or are simply being investigated, you should have an attorney on your side. This is to protect your rights and ensure you are being treated fairly throughout the process.

Our Mandeville criminal defense is strategic and aggressive. We aim to defeat criminal charges while minimizing defendant penalties. Our experience in this area of law is vast and includes representation for:

To achieve the best overview of your case, our team will learn all the facts, conduct an honest evaluation, and provide realistic solutions. Our firm is spearheaded by a former district prosecutor, so we know how to support you.

Local Hearts, Local Minds

The namesake of our firm, Craig P. Hart, is a proud Louisianan through and through. A man of humble beginnings, his law degree is backed by a passion to serve others. He is a proud alumnus of Holy Cross High School and the law program at Loyola University. He joined the Louisiana Bar Association after graduation and began focusing on helping others through legal support.

His connection comes even closer through his service as an Assistant District Attorney for the St. Tammany Parish. Overall, he has served Louisiana for 25 years through family law, criminal defense, and personal injury. His extensive career grants an understanding of the financial and physical strain of litigation on the residents in St. Tammany Parish. In all these cases, he has been compassionate in his dealings with clients while being unwavering in the courtroom.

This mindset has led to the intentional formation of strong, caring, and patient staff. The office is focused on serving the client – both in Mandeville and beyond. Our ultimate goal is for you to return to your life knowing you have the best legal support behind you. We fight for you with a local heart and a local mind.

Always Personable and Personal

The staff at the Law Office of Craig P. Hart is dedicated, friendly, and ready to assist. Our personable approach makes each visit feel personal. This is further evidenced through the warm atmosphere you find as soon as you enter our office. Our advice is honest and our work is always the best.

We are also personalized with every approach and case. We develop the plan best suited to your situation and create an action plan from there. Your voice is heard at every step as we seek to ease your burdens while providing the best advice and support. Our team will be with you from the first step to the last. Send us a quick message and find out how we can support you.

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