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Protecting Your Rights Regarding DWI Tests

Louisiana law takes drunk driving seriously. Therefore, when you have been arrested for DWI (often referred to as DUI or OUI), working with a knowledgeable DWI attorney is critical to your success. Having served as an assistant prosecutor, as well as representing countless clients, Craig P. Hart has a well-developed familiarity with this legal terrain.

Our Firm will focus on helping our clients fight the severe consequences of a DWI conviction. These consequences can range from fines to years of imprisonment, depending on your record of prior DWI offenses and the seriousness of the charges you face. Rather than take your chances, retain an attorney who will fight for you!

Can You Challenge A Breath Test?

A Breathalyzer machine is like any other piece of equipment. It needs to be adequately maintained, functioning correctly and the officer needs to administer the test correctly. These points are among those we investigate when we take your case. By examining every detail, we can see where errors may have occurred. If we can successfully challenge the reliability of the machine or the manner in which the test was administered, you gain significant leverage in your case. Let our experience ensure that your case is viewed in the most favorable light to provide the best possible outcome.

What If You Refuse A Test?

Failing a Breathalyzer or blood test may not be your issue. You may have outright refused to take the test in the first place. Refusing to take a breathalyzer test can result in significant consequences. In most cases, it does not help to refuse a Breathalyser test. If you refuse to take a breathalyzer test your license can be suspended, you can face jail time, and the prosecution can use the refusal as grounds to imply that you were guilty.

Our firm often provides legal advice to clients who have refused these tests. In these situations, we advise our clients of their options regarding license revocation. Options usually involve applying for a new license as soon as possible and retaining our firm to represent them at their administrative hearing.

Perhaps you are concerned that we cannot help you successfully challenge your breath or blood tests. Even if that is the case, it does not necessarily mean that the police performed your traffic stop correctly. Our firm will examine all of the facts to ensure you the best possible outcome. It is vital to obtain legal defense quickly.

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