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Protecting Your Rights Regarding DWI Tests

For some of our clients seeking legal advice with respect to a traffic stop, any Breathalyzer or blood test may become a key issue. But to challenge a Breathalyzer or blood test effectively, a person needs to understand how these devices work and what problems these procedures have presented in other cases.

Rather than try to teach yourself the law for the first time during your own case, retain an attorney who already possesses a well-developed familiarity with this legal terrain. Lawyer Craig P. Hart has dealt with all of these issues multiple times. He has served as an assistant prosecutor. He will work with you to predict how the government will build its case against you and then structure your legal attack against the government's case.

Can You Challenge A Breath Test?

A Breathalyzer machine is like any other piece of equipment. It needs to be properly maintained. It needs to be functioning correctly. And the officer needs to administer the test properly. These points are among those we investigate when we take your case. If we can successfully challenge the reliability of the machine or the manner in which the test was administered, you gain significant leverage in your case, if not its outright dismissal.

What If You Refuse A Test?

Failing a Breathalyzer or blood test may not be your issue. You may have outright refused to take the test in the first place. Our firm often provides legal advice to clients who have refused these tests. In these situations, we advise our clients concerning their options regarding license revocation. Options usually involve applying for a new license as soon as possible and retaining our office to represent them at their administrative hearing with the troopers

Perhaps you are concerned that we cannot help you successfully challenge your breath or blood tests. Even if that is the case, it does not necessarily mean that the police performed your traffic stop properly. Our firm can also challenge the evidence on the basis that the police performed an illegal DWI stop.

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